Risk analysis and security compliance in Kube-prometheus

The Initial Scanning

Passed tests

Partial or completely failed tests

Allow privilege escalation

Automatic mapping of service account

  • Prometheus-Adapter — Talks with API server to collect info from nodes, pods and the metrics.k8s.io API
  • Prometheus-Operator, Kube-state-metrics and Blackbox-exporter — Not because of what those components do, but because of the kube-rbac-proxy sidecar that runs alongside those 3 components. Kube-rbac-proxy is added to mitigate another security risk.

Container hostPort

Host PID/IPC privileges

HostNetwork access

Immutable container filesystem

Ingress and Egress blocked

Linux hardening

apiVersion: v1 
kind: Pod
name: security-context-demo
- name: sec-ctx-demo
image: busybox
command: [ "sh", "-c", "sleep 1h" ]
type: RuntimeDefault # Set a default seccomp profile
  • Node-exporter — May require CAP_SYS_TIME if timex collector is enabled.
  • Blackbox-exporter — Requires NET_RAW if doing ICMP probes.


  • Users can mount an extra persistentVolume to the queryLog path, which means we don’t want to create an extra volume for it.
  • Users can set the queryLog path to /dev/stdout, which will make the logs available to the container’s stdout. Another possibility where we don’t want an extra volume.

Open source and observability enthusiat :)

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Arthur Silva Sens

Arthur Silva Sens

Open source and observability enthusiat :)

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