Kubernetes has indeed become a defacto standard when developing containerized apps as it provides a vast set of functionalities out-of-the-box that helps developers build scalable and resilient systems.

Everything is beautiful if you are developing something from scratch, but we all know that’s not how it works for most companies! As time pass, a lot of legacy systems have become some sort of gigantic monolith monster that doesn’t run on containers, but on Virtual Machines. It’s really hard to refactor those systems for various reasons:

  • Technical reasons (e.g., depends on old operational systems or kernels)
  • Business reasons (e.g., time to…

I just graduated from my internship at Linux Foundation’s Community Bridge program, and I’d like to share my experience and explain why you should also consider applying if you are new to open source or the cloud-native world.

I already had some experience with cloud-native projects, I’ve been using cloud-native tools at my workplace for a couple of years. It is thanks to them that I got my first full-time job as an Infrastructure Analyst and later on as a Cloud Architect. …

Greetings everyone! My name is Arthur Silva Sens, I’m from Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil, I graduated in 03/2020 in Information Systems at Federal University of Santa Catarina(UFSC) and I’ve just been select as a mentee at Cloud Native Computing Foundation(CNCF) to work with KubeVirt.

First, let me tell a little bit of my story

Almost 3 years ago I was hired as a trainee at a local software company. I got assigned to study what was Prometheus and to, later on, migrate the whole company’s monitoring system from Zabbix to this new promising monitoring tool.

With this ‘little’ project, I was able to get a promotion to a full-time Infrastructure…

Arthur Silva Sens

Open source and observability enthusiat :)

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